Earn Money With VPS -How to?


is a virtual private server ( a computer like) that is somewhere hosted you can controll it with remote desktop if its running windows..

Or.. By SSH if its Linux using Putty SSH client lot of people are wondering how to earn money with vps well there is the current options. You can probably do a lot of things to earn money out of the VPS you own.


  • You can provide web hosting services to other people if your VPS has enough bandwidth and space to cater to their needs.
  • Hosting a VPN server using OpenVPN can get you a lot of clients.
  • You can give out IRC bouncers to the ones who still use IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  • If you have skills and resources, you can start your own business or collab with one by providing them with web services, database management.
  • VPS can be used as a cloud storage server which is the need of many.





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